Wednesday, August 28, 2019

School competition benefits homeless

Bundaberg Christian College primary students last week presented local charity
Global Care with approximately 1150 cans of food as part of a inter class challenge set up to
get them thinking about others.
During their school assembly, College Principal Mr Paul Sterling congratulated the students on the initiative and thanked the parents for purchasing the cans.
“I am incredibly proud of the efforts" he said, "in providing this gift to families in need and in doing so, reflecting the school values of serving others.”

Yale Morgan, Chairman of Global Care Bundaberg, (a ministry of Citicoast Church) was delighted to be able to attend the school along with two of Global Care’s volunteers to accept the donation and told the students that their work in providing these cans will go a long way towards Global Care helping families who are doing it tough.

“These cans will provide about a month’s worth of food for families that desperately need help and allows us to put food in
their bellies and at the same time share God’s love with them.”

School Chaplain, Kelli Ussher explained that the can drive is an annual activity to inspire the
students to not only have some friendly competition amongst their classes but to also give
them an opportunity to make a difference in their community.

“From the school’s perspective, this is part of our missions program. We’re teaching the junior school students that they can make a difference to others not so fortunate” she said. “Each of our classes are
challenged to collect the most cans with the promise of a pizza party for the class that collects
the most. That’s part of the fun. But then the children are also learning about serving and
helping each other and their community. We get them thinking about how fortunate we are to
have food to eat, while others may not have that luxury.”

The BCC Can drive has happened third term for the last 7 years. The cans will be put into
food hampers and distributed locally by Global Care.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Kepnock celebrates Scouting

Cub Scouts Kaidyn Belford & Cooper Mylrea with Chief Commissioner Daryl Scott
Kepnock Scouts were excited tonight to welcome Chief Commissioner of Scouts in Queensland, Mr Daryl Scott to Bundaberg.

Mr Scott was among a number of special guests who attended the Annual Report Presentation as Kepnock looked back over the year and shared with parents and friends what they’ve achieved.
Some of the highlights were camps, hikes and participating in the pageant of lights. 

Group Leader, Brad Mylrea, said his personal highlights were the way the local community rallied to help rebuild the scout den after a tree half destroyed it, and, the opportunity to invite Scouts from drought affected parts of the state to Bundaberg for a week of activities that provided a much needed mental health boost.

When asked to say a few words, the Chief Commissioner shared a little about what is happening at a state level of scouting, including that Scouts QLD is undergoing its first program overhaul since 1972. “40 plus years since our last major program overhaul, we are putting an emphasis on streamlining skills and empowering our youth members to achieve more” Mr Scott told the gathering. “One of the elements of the new program is the Outdoor Adventure Skills. This is exciting because it allows our Scouts - no matter their age - to pursue outdoor adventures that they are passionate about and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways.”
Cr Judy Peters investigates some campfire cooking at Kepnock ARP

The main message “The Chief” left was that no matter what programs Scouting delivers or how they do it; the fundamental aim of Scouting remains: to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people so that they take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Jesus the Game Changer

Karl Faase is a well known name in Christian media circles thanks to his daily devotional “The Daily Nudge” aired on radio stations around the country. He was the guest of the Bundaberg Minister’s Association for a combined church service to support SU Chaplains in February and also unpacked some of the findings of the Faith and Belief Survey 2017 in a small session for local Chaplains and ministers.
Karl’s message on Sunday night was centred around the fact that the life and teaching of Jesus is not only relevant today, but in fact changed the entire world.
“Jesus is a game changer in human society” Karl explains. “The life and teaching of Jesus has given Western Democracies the foundational values that they value today. For example, Jesus championed the idea that not only does every person matter and have dignity before God; but Jesus and his followers actually modelled this by caring for people in their community. That care has become a general part of community, but it wasn’t in place before Jesus showed how to do it.”
Karl has been speaking in churches for over 30 years and whenever he comes to a new place (like Bundaberg) he hopes he brings a perspective of the broader Australian Church and the wider international Christian community that he connects with. A wider look at what the church is doing and a wider look at the influence of the teaching of Jesus across the world.
“The life and teaching of Jesus really did change the world” he says. “But it changed the world one person at a time. Abolitionists like William Wilberforce, or a party boy academic like Augustine or of more modern times, Australian Christian Caine who is bringing women out of sexual slavery all around the world. All of those lives were individually shifted by the person and teaching of Jesus.”

Karl Faase has produced numerous devotional series and his latest “Jesus: The Game Changer” is a 10 part series that looks at the influence of Jesus across the world. To find out more check out

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Stories of faith in the Australian Outback

Colin Buchanan is a former ABC TV Play School host, Christian Children's songwriter and entertainer, Country music performer and award winning songwriter.

In fact in Colin's own words "I've had more hits and sales as a backroom writer than I ever had as an artist!"

His latest Country Music release is an album titled "Calvary Road" where he shares stories of people, places and the intersection of faith from across the broad expanses of Australia.

He recently visited Maryborough QLD, performing songs from his new album and sharing his heart, his story and his humour with the audience.

Colin begins the conversation by explaining more about the new album "Calvary Road" and its origins.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Rough Cut Men

In the movie industry, a rough cut is the raw, first edition of a movie. It provides an idea of what the finished product will look like.
(L-R) David and Joni Dusek with Samantha and Pastor Wayne George

As part of a ministry of reaching out to Christian men, American speaker and author David Dusek travels the world encouraging men to face head on the issues they deal with and know and trust in a God who believes in failure but also believes in second chances.

David is the Executive Director and founder of Rough Cut Men's ministries from Sarasota Florida.

He spoke at a Rough Cut Men's conference in Bundaberg, Queensland in September 2017 and he shared what was behind the name Rough Cut and what exactly these Men's events he runs are all about.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Chaplains Spin Out at fundraiser

Sweat, exercise bikes, loud music and cheering. These things don’t sound like your typical Chaplaincy activity….or do they?

In late May, Chaplains across Bundaberg celebrated Chaplaincy Week. A week to recognise the work of chaplains in the local State Schools and for Chaplains to thank their school and community for continuing to support them supporting our young people.

But it was Saturday afternoon of May 20th where a highly physical culmination of all things Chaplaincy came to a head at the Quinn St YMCA. “Spin Off” saw teams of staff and students face off on stationary exercise bikes for 30 minutes to be the winner of time and distance.

Teams consist of 5 to 10 competitors who will ‘push the pedals to the max’ over a 30 minute period. The overall aim is to be the team who pedals the most kilometres. This event also raises the profile of school chaplaincy and provides an effective fundraising vehicle for local state schools and their communities to support their chaplain.

Bargara State School Chaplain Tanya McKee was one of the organisers and loves the way the students really throw themselves into this event. “They turn up in droves to lunchtime training each week in the couple of weeks prior to the Spin Off and they have lots of fun” she said. But the biggest thing for the competitors isn’t just the bike riding or the training. 

“The kids are here to have a good time, but they’re really here to support the Chaplains. They’re not getting anything out of doing it, other than they know they’ve helped out Chaplaincy in their school” Chappy Tanya explained.

The overall winners of this fundraiser were Chaplains of course, but the schools also got to take home bragging rights. 

In the Primary School competition, Bargara Bandits won the day by riding 17.4 Kilometres in the 30 minute time frame. They beat Woongarra, East, Burnett Heads, Branyan Rd, Norville, Central, South and Kalkie. In the open section; both high school students and staff competed against each other and it was a staff team from East that was triumphant riding 19.3km narrowly defeating South staff who rode 19.1, Bundy High students & staff, Norville and Kalkie staff.

Bundaberg East State School staff team are presented with the winners trophy by Chaplain Tanya McKee

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Flipper's Adventures with Samuel

Wow what a busy few days I have had with Samuel and his family! We spent a lot of time playing and had some interesting adventures.

Samuel's Daddy was getting some photos ready for a competition at the Bundaberg Show and we got to help! We saw what has to happen at the shop they print photos at and then got to come back the next day to collect them and take them to another shop to prepare them for the Show.

We also got to see part of the town being turned purple!! The water in the fountain in the middle of the town didn't look like the water I was used to, it was purple! Samuel's Daddy told us it was all about something called Relay for Life which raises money to help people who are sick with cancer.

Another adventure we got to have was learning about recycling. We took plastic bags to a special bin at the supermarket where they will be taken away to be turned into other things. I liked this as it means they don't end up in the ocean where they can hurt my friends!

I'm learning lots on my adventures. I even learnt where the postie takes parcels to be collected. They call it a mail delivery centre. I got to sit at the window and watched as Samuel's Daddy talked to the postman about his parcel. It was very big inside and fascinating to see all the busy Australia Post workers doing their jobs.

I've had some fun days with Samuel and his family, but I must admit my favourite part was all the cuddles I got from Samuel and his little sister Anastasia.

Now its time to come back to Scallywags and find out where I will be going next and who will have adventures with me. I wonder if they will come with extra cuddles too???